Sebastian Hughes

The Shipping Forecast

The project is based around the 31 areas of the Shipping Forecast around the British Isles. Broadcast 4 times a day on local Coastguard and BBC Radio 4, it provides listeners with a simplified format to deliver information quick and precise.
From my initial research, I was led to realise that it wasn’t just the shipping and fishing industries who do use it.
Here is who I have photographed so far. There are many more subjects to find and photograph but each person I meet has a suggestion for the next.

Fred Cornwall - Detectorist - Thames

I got in contact with Fred through a mudlarking group on Facebook. I met him on the beach of Minster on the isle of Sheppey, in the Thames Estuary at low tide, the best time for detectoring.

Fred had grown up in the area and lives nearby. He uses the shipping forecast to get information on the best days to look for finds, the best combination is a spring tide along with high pressure. Exposing areas of the seabed that rarely get seen.

Emily Penn - Skipper - Fitzroy

I met Emily on the banks of the Thames near her home in Richmond.

Emily founded eXXpedition, a not-for-profit organisation that runs sailing expeditions across the globe with all female crews, researching the effects and causes of ocean plastic.

On her latest voyage, Emily skippered a vessel through the waters of Fitzroy, just off the northwest tip of Spain to the Azures. The trip was the first leg of a round the world expedition which unfortunately got cut short by the pandemic.

You can find more information on her the company and past and future voyages here.

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